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Blood testing from January 1st

is €20 (diabetics are exempt from this fee)

INR Testing is €10

Fees From 1st January 2018 *

Basic GP Consultation €50
Follow up consultation (within 14 days) €30
Additional Patients (1 extra consultation) €60
Doctor Consultation with Bloods €60
Doctor Consultation with Bloods and ECG €70


Extra Service Charges

Ear Syringing €20
ECG €20
Spirometry (Breathing Test) €20
Private Prescription (up to 6 months) €20
Private Certificate €10



Blood tests with Nurse or Doctor €20
Blood Pressure Checks with Nurse €20
24 hour BP Monitoring (on / off / review) €50



Many procedures may be covered by Health Insurance

Cryotherapy (wart treatment) €20
Venesection (Haemachromatosis) €50
Sutures (covered by health insurance) €50+
Sutures  (GMS Patients will incur a fee to cover sterile equipment) €25
Dressings €20
Nebuliser €20
Ingrown Toenail for GMS and Private Patients (covered by health insurance) €100
Minor Surgical Procedures (covered by health insurance) Contact Reception



Flu Vaccination €20
Neo Cytamen (B12) €20
Depo-Provera €20
Iron Injection €20
Tetanus €20
Joint Injections – GMS Patients (covered by health insurance) €50
Joint Injections – Private Patients (covered by health insurance) €70


Women’s Health

Mirena Insertion €120
Mirena Removal €50
Mirena Removal & Insertion €120
Copper Coil (not covered by GMS) €80
Copper Coil & Insertion €200
Implanon Insertion (including follow up) €100
Implanon Removal €100
Implanon Removal & Insertion €120
Ring Pessary Insertion €20
  • GMS Patients & Visitor GMS Patients will incur a charge of €25 for all the above services


Additional Fees NOT covered by Medical Cards

Sight Test / Medical Examination for Driving/Insurance €30
Jury Service €30
Letters €20
Sports Club Pre-Membership Medicals €30
Travel Vaccinations Contact Reception
Vaccinations not covered under the Childhood Immunisation Programme

(such as Meningitis B Vaccine and Varicella Vaccine [Chickenpox])

Contact Reception
Vaccinations in Pregnancy (Flu Vaccine & Whooping Cough Vaccine) €20
Pre-Employment Medical €80
24 Hour BP Monitor for GMS Patients €20
24 Hour BP Monitor for Private Patients (not covered by health insurance) €50

* Subject to change. Please contact the surgery directly

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