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**Regarding Cervical Check**

**Regarding Cervical Check**

To all our concerned patient’s we appreciate that the last few days have been very worrying to you all in light of the recent trouble with smears and Cervical Check.

So we want to clear up things for you all as much as possible;

1) Anyone who has any concerns regarding their smears can come in and get a repeat smear taken by our nurses and sent on to Cervical Check for free . The guidelines recommend that if your smear is not 3 months ago then wait for 3 months to pass as the zone we are testing will not have repaired from your last smear.

2) If you would prefer your repeat smear to be tested in Biomis Labs Dublin we can certainly arrange that too without any difficulty. However are Biomis is a private Lab the HSE will not cover the cost to run your smear there. So it will cost you 70 euro.

Again we appreciate that this has been very distressing for all our patients and we will try and keep you informed as we learn more. Ring us if you have any concerns!

helpline : 1800 45 45 55